My grandmother was an avid weight watchers fan throughout the years and we think this recipe has been adapted from one that they gave the ladies over 40 years ago! It has become a firm family favourite and my husbands fabourite dessert.. It is extremly light and not at all overly sweet.. and you can top with whatever takes your fancy.. I did it for a dinner lately and thought that I woudl share as cheesecake seems to be a very popular dessert.

You can pop in a tin and slice but I like best to serve it out of a bowl.. no stress with worrying as to whether it is going to stay together and looks beautiful especially if you have a large white pasta type bowl that is not overly deep.. Here is the recipe

8″tin with loose base
12oz lowfat cheese (phillidelphia)
6oz plain digestive biscuits
1 1/2 oz sugar
1 oz sugar
3 1/2 oz sugar
3 egg whites
1/2 oz gelatine
vanilla essence 1/2 teaspoon
8 fl. oz double cream
Melt butter in pan stir in crushed biscuits and 1 oz sugar put in base of tin.
Place cheese in a bowl add 3 1/2 oz sugar whisk together beat in dissolved gelatine and vanilla essence.

Whip egg whites

Whip cream lightly

Fold in the cream and last the egg whites with a metal spoon trying to keep as much air in the mixture as possible

Pop in fridge

Top with anything that takes your fancy, I have chosen mixed berries